Adult swimming lessons

Did you know that about 20% of adults cannot swim – and that this figure rises to 40% for those over the age of 60 ? If this is you, our adult swimming lessons could be what you’re looking for. Whether you are a complete beginner, someone who wants to overcome a fear of the water, or a more experienced swimmer who would like to develop your technique, we can help.

There is a great demand for adult swimming lessons, as the sport most people want to try or participate in. It is never too late to learn to swim, or to improve your swimming technique, and it is an excellent form of exercise and rehabilitation in adulthood. Whether you want to keep fit, swim on holiday, lose weight, swim with your children or grandchildren or learn a new skill, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and experiences.


Our adult swimming lessons follow the ASA Adult Swimming Framework. We will be running 2 classes on Friday evenings for Adult Beginners and Adult Improvers.


Adult Beginners – For those who can’t swim or have never had lessons or are nervous in the water. We will be in small groups, maximum of 6, in the shallow end of the pool. There is absolutely no pressure, and you will be able to familiarise yourself with how to move your body around the water with control and ease.


Adult Improvers – For those able to swim about 10m on their front or back, but wanting to improve their technique. Perhaps you might be aiming to master the front crawl for health reasons, as this stroke has less impact on the joints than breaststroke.