Our children's lessons offer a fun, relaxed learning environment for children aged 4 and above

Lessons for children

Our children’s swimming lessons offer a fun, low-pressure environment which allows our pupils to develop their skills. We are a Swim England swim school member and follow their Learn to Swim programme from Stage 1 to Stage 7. Your child will earn certificates and badges as they progress.


After Stage 7, swimmers can go on to a club to train, or if they’re not quite ready or not wanting to join the club environment, we also offer a ‘Junior Swim Fitness’ class.  This class will provide a weekly swim for fitness, follow a set similar to club training, but with less pressure on performance. There is also the opportunity to gain awards in Stage 8-10 for competitive swimming.


Our children’s swimming lessons are fun, safe and relaxed. We offer small group sizes with experienced staff, including staff members in the water with the children where appropriate. Our kind and experienced teachers will help even the most nervous child to gently push their boundaries and develop their confidence as a result.


‘My 4 year old daughter was terrified of going into the water without us to begin with. I couldn’t believe how quickly she went from being fearful of going to lessons to looking forward to it. In such a short space of time she has become confident in swimming on her front and back and jumping in. It’s been amazing to see.’

Catherine & Anya